Employee Connections Video questions

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This article provides an overview of how to assign video questions in Employee Connections, so that you can have insiders respond to questions via recording to engage candidates.

Assigning a video question to an insider

To create and assign a video question, admins can navigate to the left-hand menu > Videos > Assign video questions. Note, only admins can assign video questions to insiders. Candidates cannot request a video response to a question. Complete the video question details:

  • Enter the question(s) - you can add up to 3 questions per video assignment
  • Select the insider (one only - create new video questions for other insiders)
  • Tick the 'Send an email' checkbox
  • Click 'Submit'

Recording your response as an insider

After an admin assigns one or more video questions to the insider, they will receive an email notification. insiders can click on the link in the email to record their response to the question(s) as many times as needed or upload a pre-recorded video response.

Publishing a video question

Admins are required to review each video question recording and publish it, even if the discussion moderation feature is disabled, To review the video question, navigate to the left-hand menu > Videos > Insider videos. Click on the moderation tab to review and publish completed insider video question recordings. Once published, they will appear on your public platform in the 'Videos' menu option. Video questions that have previously been unpublished can be published again via the 'Hidden from platform' tab.

Unpublish a video question

To unpublish a video question that's currently on your public platform, navigate to the left-hand menu > Videos > Insider videos. Click on the 'Published' tab, then click the 'Hide' button against the relevant video question. The video question will now be removed from your public platform and appear in the 'Hidden from platform' tab.



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