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Social media and promotion

The key to a successful Employee Connections platform with high levels of candidate traffic and ongoing activity is promotion across multiple channels. Employee Connections includes features to make promoting your platform as easy as possible, including:

  • Social media post generator
  • Promotional plugins
  • Discussion sharing

Social media post generator

The social media post generator allows your team to easily identify and publish popular discussions and employee insights on social media, to build your employer brand. To access the social media tool, log in to the Employee Connections admin portal and click on 'Social media' within the left-hand menu. To find a discussion you want to promote on social media, you can use the search bar or advanced filter options to the top left of the screen. You can filter discussions by category and/or date. To update the look & feel of the social media posts:

  • Click the 'Create / Edit image template' button at the top right of the screen.
  • You can update the existing template, or create a new one.
  • Click on the image icon to change the background image.
  • Click on the paint brush icon to update the overlay colour.
  • Click on the A icon to update the text colour.
  • Click on the square icon to select the template as the default option, or delete it.
  • Click on the save icon to save your changes.

Once your template is ready and you've found a discussion to share on social media, click on the Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn icons to publish the discussion to the relevant channel.

Note: Ensure you are logged into the social media account you wish to post the discussion to. If you are logged into your personal account, the post will be shared to your personal account. If you are logged into your company's corporate account, the post will be shared to the corporate account.

Promotional plugins

The promotional plugin feature enables you to create engaging plugins for your careers site, with calls to action to attract candidate traffic to your Employee Connections platform. Promotional plugins can be found in the left-hand menu of the admin platform, in the 'Other' section. To create a promotional plugin:

  • Pick the plugin type from the list of options on the left (e.g. Random insiders and discussions, live chats, videos or discussions by keyword)
  • Add a plugin title
  • Based on the plugin type, complete the rest of the fields to customise the plugin
  • Select whether to include an upcoming live chat in the plugin (if you have one scheduled)
  • When you've completed your plugin, click on the blue 'Reload' button and preview it on the right of the page
  • Copy the installation code into your website builder to add the promotional plugin to any page(s) in your careers site. Mix and match multiple plugin types across your careers site pages to keep candidates engaged and drive traffic to your Employee Connections platform.

Adding a promotional plugin to your Clinch Recruitment Marketing careers site

Employee Connections promotional plugins can be added to any page within your Clinch Recruitment Marketing careers site. To insert the plugin into a page:

  • Create your promotional plugin using the instructions above, and copy the installation code
  • Log into your Clinch Recruitment Marketing system
  • Click on 'Web pages' and find the page you want to add the plugin to
  • In the page editor, add a new row, or edit an existing page row, to accommodate a new content block
  • Click on the grey plus icon at the top left of the content block, and add a code block
  • Click on the grey pencil icon at the top left of the code block to edit it, paste the promotional plugin installation code, and save
  • Publish the page to save your changes. The promotional plugin will now appear on your web page!

Discussion sharing

The front-end discussion sharing tool is a simple way to promote your top insider content across social media. To share your discussions, access your candidate-facing, public platform and find the discussion you want to share. On the discussion page, you will see a 'Share' button, which gives you the option to post directly to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. The post will be shared by whichever social media account you are logged in to. If you want to promote the discussion on your corporate social media account, please log into this account before sharing. You can also copy the link to this discussion if you want to create a more customised social media post.

Other promotion ideas

To direct a wider audience of candidate traffic to your Employee Connections platform, you can also:

  • Add links to your platform in emails to candidates from your ATS
  • Encourage talent acquisition team members to add links to your platform in their email signature
  • Add links to your platform into job descriptions
  • Send regular campaign emails to your candidate talent pool, directing them to ask your insiders a question or join an upcoming live chat event



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