Managing vacancies in Employee Connections

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This article provides an overview of how to create vacancies in Employee Connections, so that you can have insiders associated with each vacancy.

How creating vacancies in Employee Connections can benefit your organisation

Do you have any hard to fill roles, where candidates require more insight/motivation to apply? Vacancies in Employee Connections can help. Candidates can view the vacancy details, click to apply and also be prompted to contact knowledgeable insiders with their questions, will provide a great experience and personalised information so that candidate is motivated to apply for the role. Please note - Vacancies created in the Employee Connections platform do not integrate with your ATS, therefore vacancies must be created and managed by admins within the Employee Connections platform.

Creating a vacancy

To create a vacancy, admins can navigate to the left-hand menu > Vacancies > Post a new vacancy. Complete the vacancy details:

  • Title
  • Category (optional)
  • Location: select a country and type a city in the text box
  • Vacancy URL: this can be copied from your Clinch careers site (or other site if not Clinch). The URL should be the job description page of the vacancy you are posting.
  • Vacancy type (optional)
  • Salary (optional)
  • Company name
  • Upload a logo
  • Start date & deadline for applications
  • Vacancy description

Once the details above are entered, click 'Save & Continue'. The next screen shows you the vacancy preview, here you can:

  • Edit the vacancy
  • Add images to the vacancy
  • Associate insiders with the vacancy / manage related insiders - these should be insiders that can provide insight into what it's like to work in this role/team.

Once the vacancy is complete, click the blue 'Publish' button, and then click 'OK' in the pop-up. You'll see a green confirmation banner, the vacancy is now visible in your public platform via the menu > vacancies.

Managing vacancies

To manage existing vacancies, navigate to the left-hand menu > Vacancies > Portfolio. This page displays all vacancies that have been created in the Employee Connections platform. Use the actions menu for each vacancy to:

  • Preview the vacancy
  • Edit the vacancy details
  • Manage insiders associated with the vacancy
  • Publish or unpublish the vacancy
  • Archive the vacancy

You can filter this page by:

  • Published vacancies
  • Unpublished vacancies
  • Archived vacancies



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