Employee Connections User roles

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User roles and permissions

This article provides a description of each role/permission group that can be assigned to Employee Connections users when creating or editing their account. The three roles include:

  • Insider
  • Live chat insider
  • Administrator


When published, an insider profile appears on your always-on candidate-facing platform. Insiders can be asked questions by candidates, contribute to any discussions on your platform and participate in live chat events. Please consult with the Customer Success team to determine the maximum number of published insiders included in your contract.

Live chat insider

A live chat insider can participate in live chat events only. The account set up is quick and easy - they do not need to complete a full profile as an insider does, nor will they appear on the always-on platform. You can have an unlimited number of live chat insiders set up on your platform - it's a great way to engage employees across your organisation that would like to participate in a live chat event.


Administrators have full access to the candidate-facing platform and admin portal - they're responsible for ensuring candidate questions are answered in a timely manner, managing live chat events and creating insider/live chat insider profiles. Administrators may also represent their organisation as an insider if their profile is published. You can have an unlimited number of unpublished administrator accounts.



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