Raising a job requisition from a PD


To raise a job requisition from an approved version of a PD document, click the Recruit for position button. This action will trigger the creation of a new job in the PageUp ATS based on the position description and position information. This will also display a new requisition in the requisitions tab in the Collaboration Tool panel.

Setting up a PD Job Ad Text Template - Available in Beta

  1. In the PageUp admin system, navigate to System settings > Sourcing > Overview Template.
  2. Scroll down to the Next Gen overview template section.
  3. In the Title field, enter a name.
  4. Enter the expected Job Ad Text Template in the rich text editor. The Merge fields panel can be used to view and add available merge fields from the PD. These merge fields display inside double brackets {{mergeField}}

When using block / multiple merge fields from rich text editor and Field Groups, it is recommended that they be set on a new line.

Viewing the Position Descriptions tab in the Job Card - Available in Beta

Within a job card, the Position Descriptions tab can be clicked to display a read-only view of the PD. From this tab, a button back to the position description version that the job was raised from is accessible.


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