Recruitment Marketing Integrations

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Available ATS integrations

Some have more information under Partners.

  • Amris
  • AspenTech
  • Cornerstone
  • Crelate
  • eRecruit
  • Google for Jobs
  • Greenhouse
  • Haufe
  • Jobvite
  • Kenexa
  • Lever
  • Loxo
  • Lumesse
  • Newton
  • Oracle
  • Pocket Recruiter
  • SmartRecruiters
  • Taleo
  • TMP Worldwide
  • Workday Reports
  • Workday Web Services

Additional information

There are two primary models that an ATS Integration with Recruitment Marketing requires: Job Requisition and Job Applications (sometimes referred to colloquially as “Candidates”). While each ATS has their own unique feed, the below document outlines the minimum fields required to build a successful integration with Recruitment Marketing.

Managing ATS Integrations

To access:

From the side menu, under Integrations click ATS.

There are options to:

  • click New to create an integration. Refer below for options.
  • configure Field Mappings and Replacements.
  • click Edit ATS Integration to make changes to the setup.
  • click Show ATS Integration Log to view import records.
  • click De-activate ATS Integration to stop the integration.
  • click Activate ATS Integration to start the integration.


It may be necessary to replace the value from the ATS with what is displayed in PageUp Recruitment Marketing. This can be useful when

  • Providing a work type with a more candidate friendly name, such as Part Time instead of PT, or
  • There is a need to group different values in the ATS as the same value, such as  Engineering 1 and Engineering 2 as simply Engineering.

Ignored ATS statuses

There is the ability to ignore candidates statuses in ATS integrations. This may be because the candidate status is incomplete or on temporary hold.

Available Partners

  • hireEZ Talent Sourcing
  • Pocket Recruiter Skills Matcher

Available Job Channels / Boards