Tagging a Candidate Using Workflow

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Tags are a powerful way of managing and segmenting candidates within your CRM database. In addition to creating and adding candidate tags manually to candidates, it is possible to assign tags automatically using the Workflow functionality. Automated tagging is a great time saver, and allows you to easily categorise your candidates without any manual effort.

You can set up a workflow that automatically tags candidates who match a particular set of criteria. For example, candidates who apply for an engineering job can be automatically tagged as engineer.

Configuring the workflow steps

The tagging step can be created as follows:

  1. From the side menu, under CRM click Workflows.

    Screenshot of Workflows screen

  2. Either click to edit an existing workflow, or create a new one.
  3. On the Workflows page, set up the Workflow trigger and any required steps.
  4. Click the New icon to add the Tag candidate workflow step.
    Screenshot of new workflow with add workflow step circled
  5. From the What kind of workflow step would you like drop down, select Tag candidate.
  6. From the What would you like to tag this candidate drop down, select the required Candidate tag, for example, Engineer. *
    Configure Tag Candidate WorkflowStep
  7. Click Save and return to the Workflow screen.

    The new Tag candidate step will be displayed in the flow.
    Workflow screen showing trigger and tag candidate workflow step

* Note: Only tags which have already been created will display. To add a new tag to the drop down, you will first have to create and assign that tag to a candidate via the candidate profile, or alternatively, add a new tag via company settings. For more information refer to Adding a tag to a candidate.



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