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We're building Next Gen Position Descriptions - the next generation of position description management technology - to make managing and collaborating easier.

PageUp already provides extensive position description management capabilities through our classic position description module, and a significant number of our clients enjoy the benefits of those features currently.

However, as we continue to see increased decentralisation, significant compliance needs and the positive effect that appropriate collaboration tools can have on our efficiency in the workplace, we were inspired to take the opportunity to partner with our clients to deliver a Next Gen position description offering which will not only deliver significant value to our clients - and their users - right now; but will be able to grow with them into the future.

Our vision for Next Gen Position Descriptions

In order to ensure we really understood the value that position descriptions provided to our clients, the role they played within these organisations, and how they fit into the overall talent management cycle, we spent time with our clients really digging into beneath the surface of these questions. This partnership with our clients, allowed us to formulate the following vision of what we wanted to see Next Gen Position Descriptions deliver:

1. Makes it easier for all users to get things right the first time

We know that many of our users only interact with the system infrequently, and they aren't always subject matter experts in Human Resources. We want to deliver a system which makes it easier for these users to enter only the information we need, and to help guide them to get it right the first time.
We'll use capabilities such as field validation, conditional questions, and appropriate guidance text to help navigate them through getting the information we need as easily as possible.

2. Facilitate better collaboration between stakeholders

We heard about how important the collaboration between our various stakeholders was in being able to generate an effective position description. This collaboration often happens in many ways - phone calls, emails, documents and even face to face conversations.
We want to help facilitate that collaboration with innovative features within the system to help our users interact effectively to get the job done.

3. Flexibility to capture all the data required for a PD

We want to deliver a solution which has the flexibility to work with our client's ideal processes, and allows them to capture the position description data that's important to them.

4. No limitations on numbers of fields of a particular type

In order to ensure that clients can capture the position description data that's important to their organisations, we want to ensure that the solution does not have any limitations on the numbers of a particular type of field that can be configured.

5. Support effective data flow through the platform

We know that the data that we capture in a position description is often utilised in many down stream activities within the talent management lifecycle, and we want to ensure that the data captured in the Next Gen Position Description module can be effectively used elsewhere within the PageUp platform.

6. Improve the visibility of the changes to the PD over time

Position descriptions are long lived "documents", and they often change as a position itself evolves over a period of time. Even when we are not recruiting for a particular position, the requirements of a role may change for a variety of reasons, and we want to ensure that the system allows you to identify not only what changed, and when, but who changed it, and perhaps most importantly, why it was changed.

7. Provide greater flexibility to manage approvals and access to the PD

Whilst we passionately believe that collaboration is the key to managing our position descriptions effectively, we recognise that organisations do need to have processes in place to ensure these "documents" are appropriately approved, and therefore, we want to investigate ways to allow the appropriate people to access and approve the position description when that's needed.

8. API driven technology allowing easier client access to relevant data

By utilising best practice system architectures, we want to ensure that our clients are able to effectively access relevant position description data when they need to.

9. Built from the ground up to be accessible

As part of PageUp's design and development principals, we want to ensure that the Next Gen Position Description module is built from the ground up with accessibility in mind.

10. Provide important re-usable platform capabilities

The Next Gen Position Description module is an important step in delivering an enhanced user experience to our PageUp clients and their users, and by ensuring we build the technology the right way, we have the opportunity to utilise these capabilities in other related parts of the system - such as the Job Requisition card - in the future.

How Next Gen Position Descriptions is being built

We've been partnering with our clients, and working iteratively to build out and validate functionality within the Next Gen Position Description module for the past few months.

By partnering closely with a number of our existing clients, of differing sizes and organisational complexity, both on the design and implementation of the functionality that we've incorporated into the module, we've had the opportunity to validate that these solutions are indeed addressing our client's needs.

With the support of these early adopters, we've progressed to a point where we are ready to start rolling out these exciting new capabilities to our clients.

Product Releases

We want our clients to be able to benefit from the the value of Next Gen Position Descriptions as soon as it's appropriate to do so for their organisation.

To facilitate this, we've defined a number of release waves which we believe will help our clients to identify when the new module has reached a level of maturity which is appropriate for their needs.

These release waves will include functionality that will enable increasing numbers of our clients to adopt the new solution. For clients who are using the existing position description module currently, your Customer Success Managers will continue to work with you to identify the right time for you to make the exciting move across to the Next Gen module.

The below information is provided to allow our clients to get an insight into the broad areas that will be covered by each release wave. The priority and timelines are subject to change, and the information provided here should be considered to be indicative only.

For more information, refer to the project's Release Notes.

Early adopters


Wave 1


  • Web Style Search - Keyword searching across the entire contents of the Position Description, including web style search operators
  • Text Formatting - Support for text formatting options including bold, underline, and italics, as well as bulleted and numbered lists
  • Email Notifications - Email-based notifications sent to collaborators when certain actions are completed on the Position Description
  • Repeatable Field Groups - Capability to define repeatable field groups, and allow users to add one or more of the group to the form
  • Approve Position Descriptions - Ability to mark the Position Description as approved and provide supporting commentary, including read-only and editable views
  • Versioning - When creating new position descriptions, or updating a previously approved position description, the system will create versions of the document, which users will easily be able to view.
  • Document View - Ability to obtain a well-formatted view of the position description data for use in downstream activities.

Wave 2


  • Automated User Import - The ability to sync users between PageUp system and Next Gen Position Descriptions
  • Enhanced support for lookup data - Initial integration with existing organizational data within the PageUp platform
  • Raise Job Requisition from Position Description - Initiate a new job requisition within your PageUp system from the Position Description
  • Access Level Permissions - The ability for collaborators to be defined as owners, editors, commenters and viewers of a position description
  • Saving incomplete drafts - The ability for users to save drafts with minimal validation for earlier collaboration
  • Additional position lookup data - Additional integration with existing organisational data within the PageUp platform

Wave 3


  • Restricted sections and fields - Granular access to particular form sections to help with relevancy and data sensitivity requirement
  • Improved user access management - Grant or deny access to a flexible form process at a Permission Group level.

Anticipated timeline: 2022

  • Robust approvals - Get the right people involved at the right time to ensure that appropriate due diligence is completed
  • Access to HRIS reference data - Efficiently complete forms leveraging core organisational data

Wave 4

Release focus: Export APIs, Data Migration, Smart Workflows and further development of collaboration features.

For more information, refer to the project's Release Notes.

Getting involved

You can get involve the following ways:

  • Check out the latest developments via the Release Notes.
  • Contact your PageUp Customer Success Manager or other account representatives about a demo walkthrough and how you can benefit from Next Gen Position Descriptions.
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