Internal Mobility / Multi-Company capability

Recruitment Marketing


The Internal Mobility / Multi-Company capability allows recruitment teams to advertise roles and segregate candidate data for different talent audiences like internal employees. It is simple and easy to use allowing recruiters to seamlessly switch between company careers sites.

Example use cases for this capability would include internal mobility or multi-brand organisations.

In the event you don’t need to separate either jobs or data - Recruitment Marketing out of the box today can manage all use cases for Alumni, internals, redeployment through landing pages and microsites without this capability.

What can be shared

  • Themes e.g. brand information, layout, logos etc
  • Users (have the same permissions for each company)

What can’t be shared

  • Candidates can not be shared across different company careers sites
  • Email lists and workflows
  • Analytics
  • Reporting is at company vs organisation level

Value add functionality

  • Easily switch between the different company career sites
  • Default to the careers site that recruiters work on the most

Future roadmap and plans

We have ideas for the roadmap. We are waiting for feedback from customers and the Professional Services team and based on this feedback there will be changes over the course of the year.

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