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A successful recruitment marketing strategy starts with great content. That means, an on-brand careers site that delivers a personalised candidate experience – one that allows candidates to make an educated decision as to whether your organisation, and the role in question, is a good fit for them, and keeps them informed and engaged throughout the application process.

PageUp's Personalised Jobs Page (PJP) offering encompasses recruitment marketing and design best practices, and leverages Google for Jobs, AI recommended jobs, 'Jobs near me', functionality, enhanced job alerts, and more to ensure a best-in-class job search experience for both new and returning career site visitors.


The PJP offering comprises three pages that are integral to an optimal job-search experience:

  • Job listing page: optimised to help candidates find suitable opportunities at your organisation quickly and easily
  • Job description page: where the candidate can learn more about the role, and take advantage of a low-barrier-to-entry application start process
  • Candidate settings page: where the candidate can manage job alerts and personal information, and view/quickly access 'Favourited' jobs

During implementation, our Professional Services team will work with you to set-up each of these pages.

Personalisation takes Priority

In addition to the basic function of each page summarised above, candidates will benefit from the following personalisation features which come as part of PageUp's Personalised Jobs Page offering:

Recommended Jobs: the platform leverages AI to display jobs based on that individual candidate's previous job search behaviour. If a candidate has never viewed a job, the platform will recommend the latest jobs. Once they click to view a job, the platform can then make future recommendations based on the candidate's previous selection.

Jobs Near Me: a candidate geolocation feature that allows candidates fast access to a collection of jobs the system recognises as being near their current location. Not only does it enhance the candidate experience by making it that much more personalised, because the location information also maps to the candidate's individual record in the CRM, this now allows for targeted marketing and communications based on location, too.

The feature is on by default, the button appearing alongside a job search field.

When a candidate clicks on the button and opts in to sharing their location when prompted by their browser pop-up, they will then be presented with a collection of jobs near their current location. In addition, that candidate location information is sent to their CRM record as a recent location. The location is accurate to around 100 meters

Job Alerts: Job alerts are a great way to keep your talent network engaged. Done right, they help shape a customised experience that is tailored to meet the needs and preferences of each individual candidate.

PJP automates the process; when a job becomes available that matches the criteria set by a candidate (location and category/department), this triggers an email alert to that candidate.

For the candidate, signing up for a job alert is as simple as clicking on a checkbox as part of the first step in the apply process.

The Job Alert comes in the form of an email. When a job is added that is relevant to a candidate based on their Job Alert sign up details, that candidate will receive an email with details of the job.

Enhanced Search

PJP also has a built-in integration with Google for Jobs -  one of Google’s latest job finding products - built right into normal Google Search in selected countries.

A great careers site helps in attracting great candidates. It needs to be a key component of your recruitment strategy. For more information about upgrading to our Recruitment Marketing module, which empowers you to proactively manage your whole careers site, as well as engage and nurture talent for your organisation, refer to Recruitment Marketing web pages.

Note: If your statement of work contains reference to a dynamic template and/or was signed prior to 1 August 2021, please refer to the information on Careers sites.


A consistent look-and-feel throughout your careers site is key to a rich and rewarding candidate experience, and our team will work with you from the outset to ensure that your job listings pages reflect your organisation's branding.

Furthermore, to ensure that the pages made available are mobile friendly, accessible, and search-engine-optimised to provide the best candidate experience, we offer a selection of templated layouts for you to choose from.

Our templates are designed to help you get your new-and-improved jobs pages up and running quickly and easily, and with a range of options and designs you'll find one that suits your brand and allows you to deliver the right message.

To view the available templates, please visit our interactive site where you can take them for a test drive.

Hosting the Personalised Jobs Page

PageUp side hosting

PageUp, via our secure AWS servers, hosts your job listing. Styling of your Personalised Job Page is controlled by PageUp - either your Implementation team or a Customer Success representative.

Should you wish to look at options to get access to the solution, it will require you to contact PageUp. This option will incur additional charges which will be scoped at the time of the request(s).



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