Enhanced Reporting: Dashboards


See also: Analytics – Dashboards

Note: Dashboards and Raw & Analysis were previously hosted in the Analytics subpage off the reporting menu, but have been migrated to the Enhanced Reporting Domain since September 2022, available in the Enhanced Reporting - Dashboards menu. The old Analytics page was removed from Live on 11 January 2023.


From the Enhanced Reporting home page, click the Dashboards tab to be able to:

  • Search for an existing dashboard
  • Create a new dashboard
  • View a dashboard
  • Create draft - to be able to edit a custom dashboard (if the dashboard has been shared) allowing you to edit while other users still see the original dashboard.
    • Publish draft - be able to merge it back allowing other users to see your change(s).
  • Configure a dashboard - see below.
  • Share a dashboard with other users, controlling whether they can view and or edit.

Configuring a dashboard to be accessible from the home page

A dashboard editor can toggle the visibility of a report on the reports list home page.

  1. On the Dashboard home page, next to the relevant report, click the Actions icon then Configure.
  2. In the Configure report pop up, under Display Locations, enable the Dashboards List toggle.
  3. Click the Save button.

Note: Disabling a dashboard visibility on the home page only applies to read only users.


To configure related features the following settings are available in a permission group:

  • Reporting section
    • Enhanced Reporting Dashboards - If selected the Dashboard tab will display in Enhanced Reporting and in the job card.
    • Manage Enhanced Reports - if selected allows the creating and editing of custom dashboards.

Note: Parent settings need to be selected to activate child settings.