ER Troubleshooting


System changes aren't being reflected in Enhanced Reporting

All system data changes take at least 15 minutes to be reflected in the system. If the information hasn't updated after 60 minutes, please click Get Help and report this to us for review.

You are not authenticated to view this page

You may receive this message if you have left the Explore tab / window open and unused, resulting in a timeout. Refresh the tab / window to reload the Explore. Otherwise try logging in again.

There's been a problem processing your request. Please contact your administrator.

You may receive this message when trying to save a draft of a shared report, with a report name that already exists in your private library.
Ensure the draft has a unique name when trying to save it.

? displays on a report

You may experience this after adding a field to a report. Click Run to refresh the data.

Ø displays on a report

Ø means NULL. If Ø is seen somewhere in the report, it means that it does not have a value for that item. For example: If the applicant doesn't provide an answer to a question, that will appear as NULL in the report.

Why are there duplicate rows / What are records grouped by?

All reports consist of a combination of dimensions and measures. Dimensions (blue columns in the dataset) are individual columns from the database. Measures (orange columns) are columns that have an aggregate applied to them, for example COUNT or AVERAGE.

A report is always grouped by all the dimensions it contains, even if there are no measures. This means that if for example you have a report with only the Job closed field as a column, the report will return no more than 2 records - Yes and No, even if there are thousands of jobs. For this reason, it is not possible for the exact same row to appear as a duplicate row.

If you see duplicate rows, look for a column with a slightly different value. For example, an empty string and NULL will appear differently. One of these values might be invalid and need to be filtered out - or these values can be combined with the use of a custom dimension. If issues remain, then PageUp may need to investigate the data model design.

Can’t collapse the subtotal of custom dimensions or table calculations

If you experience this issue, remove the Subtotals selection and run the report. Then select the Subtotals checkbox and run the report again.
For related information refer to the Looker document Collapse Subtotal.

Currency fields not displaying when downloaded to Excel

Microsoft Excel may be confused when attempting to display currency values included in the following dimensions:

  • Total remuneration $
  • Base rate $
  • Superannuation $

When opening the file, Excel is unable to manage the formatting of the export where both comma's and full stops are used, for example: 100,000.00.

To avoid this situation, when downloading the report, set the Values option Unformatted.

When this is set, you will be able to download the report and the values will be included in Excel as expected.

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