Launching a report from a job card


Reports can be configured to be launched from the Reports tab of a job card. These reports will have a filter automatically applied to that to that specific job.

Note: Following the release of Always on Filters, it is possible for read only users to remove the Job ID filter.

Configuring a report to be accessible from a job card

When a report has been created and saved, complete the following:

  1. On the Enhanced Reporting home page, next to the relevant report, click the Actions icon then Configure.

  2. In the Configure report pop up, under Display Locations, enable the Job Card toggle.

  3. Click the Save button.

Launching a report from a job card

  1. Open the relevant job, and click the Reports tab.
  2. On the Enhanced Reporting home page, all reports that have been configured to be Job Launchable, and shared with the logged on users, will display in card layout on that page.
    Note: To see and launch reports in Enhanced Reporting, a user needs to be in a permission group with Enhanced Reporting selected.

  3. Click the View button on the relevant report  to launch the report in a new tab. This will automatically have a Job ID filter inserted into the adjustable filters.
  4. Note - if the report has an Excel Template associated, the only option is to download the template (so only Download, no View option)

Downloading a report

You can also download the report to your local drive by clicking the Download link.

If the report does not have a Report Template attached the report data will be downloaded in Excel format.

However if the report has an Excel template associated with it, the report template will be populated with the resulting data rows, and the report template will be downloaded instead.

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