Enhanced Reporting Tips and Tricks


Below is some useful information to help you get the most out of Enhanced Reporting.

Row limits

Row limits can be configured per report. It is set to 500 by default yet can be changed to a maximum of 5000.

It can be worthwhile using a small row limit, such as 20, to test a report as you build it. This will also speed up the process, as each time you run it, there will be fewer results to load.

To review more that 5000 rows of data from a report, you can use the Download, Send or Schedule options. When configuring, select the All Results option under the Advanced options section.

Copying values from a column

Enhanced Reporting allows you to copy the results from a chosen column. With this you can then easily save it in a text file or an Excel document, or use the values to filter the report.

When viewing a report on the Explore screen, under the Data section and click the Cog against a column. Then click Copy Values to copy the full list of values visible.

Grouping data of multiple dimension fields

You can easily combine existing data dimensions into categories, by using the Group feature.

Example: From a list of countries and the number of applications; group the countries into those where we have a sales presence in and those we don't; creating a new column Have Sales Presence.

  1. When editing or exploring a report, under the Data section mouse hover a dimension column heading, and click the cog icon then Group.
  2. In the Group by Country pop up, enter the new categories and their filter criteria. This will determine which category the data falls into. In this example:
    1. In the Add group name field enter Yes.
    2. Click is any value and: enter Australia, press the comma key (or plus icon) to lock it in; enter Japan, press comma; and enter France and press the  Enter key; then click out of the area.
    3. Select the Group remaining values checkbox.
    4. In the Other field, enter No.
  3. Enter a Field name to be used a column name for the grouped values, for example: Have Sales Presence.

  4. Click Save to keep the settings.
    The column is added to the table.
  5. Click Run to refresh the results. The original column on which the categories applies can be removed from the data table.

Controlling an employee to view their reports

This can be helpful for Superusers when troubleshooting, and can be done as follows:

  1. Open the relevant employee card.
  2. From the top Actions drop down, select Control employee.
  3. In Employee Services, click Reports then Enhanced Reporting.
    The employee's Enhanced Reporting home page displays.

Configuring a report to be accessible from the home page

A report editor can toggle the visibility of a report on the reports list home page.

  1. On the Enhanced Reporting home page, next to the relevant report, click the Actions icon then Configure.
  2. In the Configure report pop up, under Display Locations, enable the Reports List toggle.
  3. Click the Save button.

Note: Disabling a report visibility on the home page only applies to read only users.