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For Report Builder information refer to Report templates.

PageUp provide the technology to allow use of report templates. It is the responsibility of the client to create macro Excel sheets based on the design required.

Creating a report template

  1. Create a report then add the fields and filters to generate the required data.
    For this process, it’s recommended that the report be in its final state.
    For more information refer to Creating a report.
  2. Save the report.
  3. Download the report as an Excel file format.
    For more information refer to Downloading and exporting a report.
  4. Open the downloaded file.
  5. Rename the tab Sheet0 to Data.
    Note: You may need to click to Enable Editing beforehand.
  6. Add any required macros and formatting.
    • When the report is sent using the template, the export will be placed into the Data tab.
    • Column formatting may be applied, such as simple colour coding or conditional formatting.
    • Formulas may be added to the Data sheet but only in columns to the right of those which contain data. For example: If the report has 8 (J) columns of data, any formula should be added after column L.
  7. Run any macros to verify the formatted report is correct based on the sample source information.
    Note: A button or hotkey can be assigned to macros in Excel to  make them easier to run.
  8. Clean up the template to ready it for upload and remove the test data.
  9. Save the Excel file.

Uploading a report template

Back in PageUp, navigate to Manage documents to upload the Excel file.

Set the document category as Report builder template.

For brand new report templates which have just been uploaded to the Manage Documents page, please allow at least 15 minutes for the file to be available for associating with the report on in Enhanced Reporting.
If replacing an existing report template by clicking 'replace' next to the document title on the Manage Documents page, the replacement will used by the system immediately.

For more information refer to Uploading a file.

Linking an Excel Template

If you have edit rights to a report you can link an Excel Template with a report. This will then allow the data / results from the report to be imported into the template and attached to an outbound email - either through a schedule or ad hoc using the Send function.

Note: The template will not be attached when using the Download action against a report.

Supported file formats: XLS, XLSX, XLSM.

To link an Excel Template:

  1. On the Enhanced Reporting home page, next to the relevant report, click the Actions icon then Configure.

  2. In the Configure report pop up, select an Excel template from the dropdown list. Select None to remove a template.

  3. Click Save.

Back on the Enhanced Reporting home page, a template icon will display alongside the report.

Templates will be populated and attached to the outbound email for any report schedule that has an Excel template. You can also generate a populated Excel template and email it using Send action. This is available from the cog icon when viewing or exploring a report. For more information refer to Sending a report.

Testing a report template

  1. On the Enhanced Reporting home page, click the report title.
  2. Click the cog icon then Send option.
  3. In the Send pop up:
    • enter your Email address
    • for Format data as select XLSX
    • set the other fields as required.
  4. Click Send.

You will receive an email of your report, with the details from the report inserted in the Data tab. No other tabs will be affected.


  • When sending a report with a template linked, the system will check if there is a Data tab. If there isn’t it will create a new tab named as the title of the report. Due to Excel's character limit of 31 characters for the title of a tab, this can result in excel warning that the file requires repair.
  • If your report template is designed to show a summary of the data, you can hide the Data sheet so that it’s not visible to recipients, and they only see the summary tab.
  • If you leave data in your Data tab, the system will keep that data there, replacing only what it needs to. For example: If you leave 10 rows of data in the report template, and your report when sent contains only 6 rows of data, the received report will contain 10 rows of data, 6 replaced by the current data, and 4 rows which were originally included in the uploaded template file.
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