Enhanced Reporting overview



PageUp's new Enhanced Reporting will have the following advantages:

  • All reporting will be offered on single platform which means data is consistent and accurate across Analytics and ad-hoc Reporting
  • No longer limited to dataviews - you can report on a much broader cross-section of data points
  • Visualisations (e.g Pie, Column Bar graphs) will be supported for all new Reports
  • Improved user experience when it comes to filtering, grouping, and calculated (custom) columns
  • Improved performance - the new BI Platform is backed by an Analytics-centric Data Warehouse
  • We are looking to provide all the functionality that is currently offered by our existing Reporting Module but in our new BI Platform - the same platform that we use to host Enhanced Analytics (dashboards).

Note: Enhanced Reporting is not available in the UAT environment.


Below are some explanations of some terms you may come across in the new platform:

  • Ø - this represents a null value on a report.
  • Area - An improvement of the legacy dataviews, with boarder, more relevant categories and fields to choose from. See also Explore.
  • Dimension - a groupable field such as Department and Job Title.
  • Explore from Here - when clicked will put you in Explore mode where you can play around and explore your data, finding insights, and if you find anything interesting you can save where you are as a look/report.
  • Edit - is when you are editing an existing report.
  • Explore - an area of the system that can be reported on.
  • Field - a reportable item from the system that is within an area.
  • Filter - a feature used to narrow data results.
  • Look - also known as a report.
  • Looker - 3rd party provider of the new business intelligence (BI) platform.
  • Measure - a count of things fields such as Total Candidates and Total Jobs.
  • Visualization - a graphical representation of data, such as a table or graph.

Enhanced Reporting home page

To access: From the top navigation bar, click Reports then Enhanced Reporting.
Alternatively, from the side menu, click Enhanced Reporting.


  • Help - click to load the Knowledge Portal topic of Enhanced Reporting.
  • Reports tab - displays by default.
  • Dashboards tab - click to manage dashboards.
    Note: Available for Advanced Analytics clients only
  • Schedules tab - click to manage schedules.
  • Search - enter a keyword of a report title or area for the report list to update.
  • Create New Report - refer to Creating a report.
  • All, My Reports, Shared buttons - click to filter the report list.
  • Report list - displaying existing draft and published reports.
    • The following column headings can be clicked to sort by ascending or descending: Report; Created by; Reporting on; Date modified.
    • Actions can include: View report; Download report; Create draft; Configure; Publish draft; Assign Owner; Share.

Managing reports

Current functionality includes:

Creating a report

More information.

Saving a report

More information.

Viewing a report

On the Enhanced Reporting page, locate the relevant report and click the Title of the report. Alternatively, next to the relevant report, click the Actions icon then View report.
A new tab will load displaying the report.

There is also the ability to launch a report from a job card.

Report sharing

More information.

Editing a report

More information.

Downloading a report

More information.

Deleting a report

When viewing a report, click the cog icon then Move to Trash. This option will only display for reports that are not being shared.
Click OK to permanently delete the report.