Browser Support


PageUp's Web Browser Support Policy

At PageUp, we are constantly looking for ways to provide the best experience to our customers. This makes us keep an eye on support, security and usage of different browsers in the market.

Supported browsers

Google Chrome

Chrome is the recommended browser for the best experience - this is also demonstrated in the browser usage pattern that we see within our customers.

We also support the following:

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

  • Latest version
  • Operating Systems - Mac / iOS

Microsoft Edge

  • Latest version
  • Operating Systems - Windows
  • Note: Initially, Microsoft Edge was delivered through a Windows update. People subscribed to Windows Insider program may have beta versions that are not supported.

What does this mean to users of other browsers?

We strongly recommend upgrading to one of the supported browsers for using PageUp's applications as well as for general internet security.

You might have noticed part of the PageUp applications working in browsers other than those mentioned above. While this may be the case, where such functionality is upgraded, support of that functionality will then be realigned to our current supported browser commitments.

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)

  • IE versions 11 and below are no longer being supported by Microsoft as of 17 August 2021. For more information refer to Microsoft's End of IE Support Announcement.
  • Following Microsoft's Announcement, PageUp's support for Internet Explorer came to an end in August 2021.

Do websites need to look the same in every browser?

No. A page needs to serve its purpose in function and not appear broken. It's not about browsers, it's about serving the users of our software by delivering content and capability that is valuable to them.

Support for mobile browsers

Mobile browsers are also included in the support matrix above. Where applicable using relevant PageUp's App (available in iOS App store & Android Play) is recommended for an optimal experience.



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